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and I make clothes.
Haven't made a costume in about 3 years...

That's okay tho, because I went into FIT thinking I wanted to do costume design and lolita... and now I design with an actual market in mind. (Namely monied people who work in creative fields). My time there totally shifted my interests.

Funny enough, I've been going thru some of my oooooold sketches (pre-high school), and I see, under all the frills and fangirling, something that actually resembles what I'm designing now. Apparently I was interested in 3D, avant-garde design back then too. :J

There isn't much of an audience for me here on DA. Most of my personal work's been going up to tumblr: The fashion community here is mostly photographers, illustrators, and costumers. My stuff just won't fit.

I got my first "blue tag" (equiv. to a DD) there on my most recent creation.…  It's basically some Yohji/Limi Yamamoto-influenced work based on both Victorian era children's wear and modern Japanese martial arts apparel.

I'd like to create the rest of that collection... right now me and my husband are floating between two states as we wait for real life stuff to happen.

In the meantime, I'm just hanging out with friends...
You can hang out with me here or on tumblr if you like.

taeliac Featured By Owner May 8, 2013  Professional Artisan Crafter
That is really very cool to hear - I'm happy you've found your place!! Also... those pants are AMAZING!

Curiously, I was thinking about seeing if FIT has a Master's program or the like, because I'm falling out of costumery (or, rather, my costumery is getting more fashion bent) and am at that point of "big life decisions" between theatre, fashion, and just getting a "real" job ^^; Would you recommend FIT?
Kagitsune Featured By Owner May 8, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
Thanks for the :heart:...
But pants? Which pants? Are you talking about the apron hakama I linked to? It is not bifurcated... so no, no pants. xD

I think FIT has a couple master's programs... and LOTS of professional certificate/technical programs... If you already live in the NYC area (and even if you don't), FIT is the greatest. I felt that the library ALONE justified the already low tuition.

And don't forget, theatre and fashion are very real jobs. :nod:
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